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Episode Requests

During live request times you can use these commands to have the AI generate a short episode. Your episode will then be generated and added to the queue to play.

During live request times, episode requests will be screened and then they will air in the order they are requested and are pulled from a vortex that we found deep in an abandoned mine in the mysterious city of Qutar, the historical site of the Great Manifestation.

How Is It Manifested??
An show that follows the production of something from start to finish.
Command: !HIIM [Subject]
Example: !HIIM the narrator steps us through the process of him preparing to fight his dad
An advertisement for a product or service.
Command: !AD [Subject]
Example: !AD introduce yourself as Borkus, tell the viewers you are living rent free in their minds (Borkus is a demon clown)
The Bizarre Beyond
A bizarre story, from somewhere...
Command: !AD [Subject]
Example: !BIZARRE a grandmother gets a call from a telemarketer who tries to scam her
Cartoon Show
An episode of a saturday morning style cartoon.
Command: !CARTOON [Subject]
Example: !CARTOON A rubber duck
An history show that covers a pivotal moment in the history of... somewhere....
Command: !CHRON [Subject]
Example: !CHRON Lebron James the basketball player goes back in time through use of a magic basketball to influence the period in time known as the Bronze Age, eventually getting it renamed Lebronze Age through his influence. Lebron wins the basketball in a challenge from a demon named Borkus the Demon clown. Talk about the consequences of Lebron meddling in time and changing history. Talk about consequences of Lebron inventing basketball early in the Bronze age.
Cryptid Planet
A nature documentary style show about strange, often legendary creatures.
Command: !CRYPTID [Subject]
Example: !CRYPTID Shoggoth
This is Dark and I am Afraid!
A scary story
Command: !DARK [Subject]
Example: !DARK While sampling their porridge, Goldilocks gets food poisoning and dies abruptly in the home of The Three Bears. When The Three Bears return home, they panic as they hurriedly try to dispose of her horrific corpse without being caught.
Human Food
A cooking show
Command: !FOOD [Subject]
Example: !FOOD how to make a casserole but in reverse so that it unmakes the casserole
A show where the hosts attempt to prove or disprove a myth.
Command: !MYTH [Subject]
Example: !MYTH can the hosts of a myth slaying show successfully turn into liches (and what is it like being a lovely lich?
A comic style animated show.
Command: !WONDER [Subject]
Example: !WONDER Jimmy Neutron but he's not smart

Episode Voting

While watching episodes, you can use these commands to voice your opinion about the quality of an episode. These votes will affect how often the episode show up in reruns when we aren't taking live requests.

It is a good episode.
It is a bad episode.
It was just kinda meh.
Unfortunately, it just... didn't really work.

Other Commands

!SUPPORT [Information]
Request help from humans.
Example: !SUPPORT My episode never showed up in the queue.
Get an invite link to the Discord server.
Find out your episode's position in the queue.
View the prompt that was used to generate the currently playing episode.
Get the current time of the channel host.